EVCO Triplex Mud Pumps

Evco manufactures a broad line of triplex mud pump systems. These systems currently range from a 250 horsepower, 5000 psi unit to a 665 horsepower, 10,000 psi system with total remote control of all operating functions. All Evco systems are manufactured to the same high quality standards and innovative features customers have received from Evco power swivels for over 30 years. We continue the tradition of building to the customer’s requirements; tell us what you need for your operation and we will work with you to meet your goal. Evco’s standard triplex systems are assembled using new components from U.S. manufacturers. This assures that the customer will have ready access to replacements when repairs are necessary. All of our systems are constructed on four runner skids to provide the strength needed in the field. A centrifugal pump is always provided and incorporates access from both sides of the skid. We utilize standard five valve manifolds on all units with valve selection based on the pressure requirements. Discharges are at the rear of the skid. Please reference the three examples of Evco mud pump systems. These units illustrate the systems most commonly provided to our customers. As always, the customer may specify the paint to match his other equipment.


This system incorporates a Cummins QSX15 engine producing 655 horsepower. Combined with the Cummins is a Kerr T60WS plunger pump providing up to 10,000 psi. The lube pump and the 5x6 centrifugal are both hydraulically driven.To improve efficiency in the field, the 4700 OS Allison automatic transmission is controlled by a remote panel tethered to the system by a 50 foot cable. This enables the operator to be in a better position to determine the flow and pressure requirements. A “local” panel is also mounted on the engine.The remote panel includes safety shutdown for runaway protection. A programmable safety shutdown is also included to control overpressure situations. The maximum pressure can be set and if exceeded the transmission goes to neutral and the engine idles down.The reverse manifold on this system incorporates 1502 unions and no welded connections. A 300 gallon fuel and 110 gallon hydraulic tank fulfill those requirements of the system.


This mud pump system utilizes a Cummins QSB6.7 engine producing 250 horsepower. The Gardner Denver TEE triplex pump provides up to 5000 psi. Typically the transmission with this system would be manual. As an option the Allison automatic with the features outlined on the 10,000 psi system can be provided. A hydraulically driven 4x5 centrifugal pump provides the charge for the triplex. A 100 gallon fuel and 100 gallon hydraulic tank are standard.


This picture illustrates a National 340 triplex driven by a 400 HP engine. This system utilized the standard manual transmission, 4x5 hydraulically driven centrifugal, standard manifold, and 100 gallon fuel and hydraulic tanks.